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Tiger Curran is a costume designer for film and television, Emmy-nominated for her work as assistant costume designer on Netflix’s "Hollywood."


Tiger grew up in Sarasota, Florida. The daughter of two professional theater actors, she would often end up backstage in the tailor shop, fascinated by clothing from different eras. 


Tiger graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.  While still a student, she began working in the costume department of AMC’s “Mad Men.”  Since then, Tiger has worked as a costume designer and assistant costume designer on a wide variety of projects, including Kevin Costner’s "Horizon," Brad Pitt’s "Bullet Train," DC Comic’s “Shazam 2,” HBO’s western "Deadwood," and “Pretty Little Liars.”   


In addition to costume design, she co-founded activewear brand Laurel Canyon Tennis Club (   Tiger is a member of the board of the non profit purpose driven film company, Wingspan Productions. Tiger is devoted to expression in many forms including screenwriting, music, visual arts, and dance.

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